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707336 | Top 8 Hotels 4* in Spain Value 500M € now 110M € Y

Top 8 Hotels 4* in Spain Value 500M € now 110M € Y
Type: buy
Quantity: 8
Availability: yes
Location: Spain , Spain

Top 8 Hotels 4* in Spain Value 500M € now 110M € Yield  2016 5.78% Yield  2018 7.63% Keys 1.460, Constructed 79.236 m2 the 8 Hotels have the looks from 5 Stars Hotels all over Spain.

Total  Rooms 1.460

Yield  2016 5.78%

Yield  2018 7.63%

Employes 461

Constructed 79.236

Rooms total 1.460

Beds  2.881

At this time this is all information I have, you can contact directly with the lawyer if you need more information (details below)

Report of a package of Premium **** Hotel Chain plus Corporate Group of companies available and out of the market Directly as Courts Administrators, there is an arrangement with creditors of a corporation which owns 9 premium hotels and resort in several locations in Spain as follows:

The corporations are the main one of the active mass available. 

The assets are in premium locatition and high population density. Many of those are iconic hotels and of special consideration due to their location, architectural sign, avant-garde interior design, with advanced materials and minimalistics. Therefore they do not require CAPEX. 

The hotels are running business and their profits are positive against the internal situation of the corporation, entailing the detailed debt from the past. 

Currently is under bankruptcy proceedings and pending for legal public auction. Therefore, it is out of the market. This is the exact moment to apply for the acquisition of these assets to get easy the public tender.

You can offer too the fixed assets of the package include inventory and assets.

Procedures for acquisition (Judicial Tender):

1. Original not binding letter of intent with full details of the buyer adding the offer of € 100 MM. plus proof of funds, solvency or guarantee (in case) of the company interested and delivered to our company’s lawyer. In this letter must be a compromise to maintain the laboral conditions and job positions for one year. 

2. After the above, it will be notified a Courts appointment to organize the public tender in favor of the offered company.

3. Once is obtained. It is not necessary to release cash. Just a guarantee is enough which has the option to be financed.

4. Then, as Court Administrators, we will proceed to organize all the arrangements legally to be acquired by the offeree company.


Our commission fee for the purchase is in the total purchase Price to be paid by the buyer and includes the lawyer's fees in Spain.

To move forward:


-       Buyer / Buyer Rep to sign asset specific NCND/MFA

-       Buyer to submit non-binding LOI and POF to connect with seller.

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