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708251 | TOP Invest Portfolio 86 Hotels Cape Rate 16.95%

 TOP Invest Portfolio 86 Hotels Cape Rate 16.95%
Type: buy
PriceAmerican $581,400,000.00
Quantity: 86
Availability: yes
Location: USA, United States

TOP Invest Portfolio 86 Hotels Cape Rate 16.95%  Keys 10.000 3/4****  NOI is $94Million for sale in USA :

These Hotels in 13 States. All hotels are located by entertainment hubs and quick access to airports in order to sustain occupancy.

There is around 10,000 Keys. 

The approximate NOI is $94Million. The cape rate is 16.95% 

 As well as branding options the flags are available for extensions or end from immediate to 7 years. 

To note all hotels are distressed/leveraged and are essentially short sales. But will be delivery "Free and clear"



Texas (6 Hotels)

Florida (14 Hotels)

Missouri (11 Hotels)

New York (4 Hotels)

Georgia (4 Hotels)

Oklahoma (2 Hotels) North Carolina (2 Hotels) Arkansas (2 Hotels)

Massachusetts (1 Hotel) New Mexico (1 Hotel)

New Jersey (1 Hotel)

Kansas (3 Hotels) Nebraska (2 Hotels)

Illinois (5 Hotels)

Indiana (4 Hotels)

Colorado (3 Hotels) Louisiana (2 Hotel)

Arizona (2 Hotels)

Michigan (3 Hotels) Alabama (1 Hotel)

Virginia (3 Hotels) Nevada (1 Hotel) Minnesota (1 Hotel)

Mississippi (1 Hotel)

To move forward:


-       Buyer / Buyer Rep to sign asset specific NCND/MFA

-       Buyer to submit non-binding LOI and POF to connect with seller.

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