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709532 | (3) Airlines Companies all are for Passengers and

(3) Airlines Companies  all are for Passengers and
Type: buy
Quantity: 3
Availability: yes
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(3) Airlines Companies  all are for Passengers and Cargo operations ($100 M per week with their Licenses in Dubai and in Bucharest and in Beirut, All three (3) companies have no debts, no loans and clean financial s and free from any legal issues.

We have three (3) Airlines Companies with their Licenses that are for sale:

1.      The United Arab Emirates (UAE). License Number 2 in Dubai.

2.      In Romania. License Number 2 in Bucharest.

3.      In Lebanon. License Number 3 in Beirut.

All above three (3) companies are fully owned by one entity.

All three (3) companies have no debts, no loans and clean financial s and free from any legal issues.

All three (3) AOC "Aircraft Operating Certificate" need to be re activated. UAE and Romania will take ~ 2 months and Lebanon will take ~ 4-6 months.

One Aircraft is to be registered in each country (UAE, Romania and Lebanon) to activate the AOC and you can use 30-40% of the Post Holders of the UAE (official staff toward the Civil Aviation Authority) to also operate in Romania and in Lebanon.

Also the 2012 to 2014 Certified Financial Statements of the airline company showing the profits made on cargo operations only for more than 225,000,000 USD/YEAR.

Total selling price of the three (3) Companies ($42,000,000.00) which represent the paid capital of the three (3) companies.

You are welcome to do a due diligence any time you wish. However prior to it, a Letter of Intention (LOI) is required and a draft contract will be agreed and signed following payment of a Initial Deposit with a proof of Funds. The Initial Deposit/Down Payment can be deposited in an escrow account.

Having the licenses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Lebanon and in Romania in the European Union (EU) will have the following advantages:

All three Licenses have the same name, all are for Passengers and Cargo, all are considered very difficult or impossible to get now and all belong to the same one entity.

The advantages of having these three Licenses are numerous and no other airline has them and/or could obtain them today.

As an example, the Licenses permit flights from the UAE to any European city/airport and to continue from there, using the Romanian/European call sign, to fly intra-Europe embarking/loading and disembarking/offloading passengers and/or cargo.

Financial Capitals of all three Airlines are 100% paid with no debts, no liens and no loans.

Companies in UAE and in Lebanon are not subject to any income taxes since there are no such taxes there and this alone represents savings of hundreds of millions of Euros and/or US Dollars per year.

Company in the UAE can fly to any country in the world; it has already landing rights in over 100 countries including the USA and pays the fuel 30% cheaper than foreign airlines.

Today and due to the COVD-19, cargo operations are generating over one hundred million US Dollars ($100,000,000.00) per week to companies that own their aircraft and have no loans and no debts.

Due to the deficits of 90% of airline companies worldwide, companies like our airline can start operations immediately and make huge profits since they do not have any deficits.

Owner of the three companies is also the Accountable Manager toward the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority), and will be willing to remain with the Buyer, as a Consultant for one to two (1 to 2) years, but he will not be responsible for any finances where the Buyer will appoint his own people/persons to run the financials.

All the three Companies and the Owner already have security clearance from the FBI, the CIA and the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) allowing them to purchase aircraft and spare parts directly from Boeing and from Airbus where the savings represent over 50% from the public prices.

Direct buyers or representatives only.

Due to utmost privacy, DD and detailed information would be provided only to qualified buyers who sign NDA and can POF to make sure we keep our properties exclusive to potential buyers

 We can provide only limited information.

 Required To Make An Offer & For Financials:
1. Signed NDA
2. Letter Of Intent
3. POF

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