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About Us

Sell your property quicker, and save money in the process

Dear Mr, Ms,

You want to sell your real estate, but that proves to be a disappointment owing to the economic crisis.

Then you have reached the right address at sellandbuyworld 
More than 35 years of experience, active in 70 countries and an Internet site in 22 languages sells!
We are a worldwide real estate broker with a network of more than a 100 brokers.

How do we work, and what are your possibilities.

1) You place your own advertisement on our site and get to work yourself.
2) You place your own advertisement on our site and choose to use our sales services. You pay half of the usual commission at sale only.
3) You put your property out under contract to sellandbuyworld then you give us an exclusive mandate to sell your property and we do all the work for you.

The contract expires after 6 months. We place your property on our Internet site. You pay nothing. On the basis of No Cure No Pay, you only pay our commission at the notary if your property is sold.

Commission price list:

5% up to € 2,5 million
4% up to € 4. million
3% up to € 5. million

2,5% concerning sale amounts above the € 5. million.

At present the average sales time is about 6 months. This depends on the price-quality ratio.
See for yourself and visit our Internet site at:  

For a response you can send us an email, free of obligations, to

We hope that we can be of some service to you, because sellandbuyworld brings sellers and buyers together.

Not for nothing the greatest!

Sincerely yours,

The sellandbuyworld team