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 Bavarian Portfolio from of 3 well-visited top-cla
Type: buy
Quantity: 3
Availability: yes
Location: Bavaria
<p><strong>Bavarian Portfolio from</strong><strong> </strong><strong>of 3 well-visited top-class hotels with 635 + Keys &nbsp;4 * and 5 * stars</strong><strong> </strong><strong>With more than 25 Conference rooms with daylight in Germany.</strong></p>
<p>The project consists of 3 well-visited top-class hotels with 4 * and 5 * stars. They are well utilized with around 60% to 75 % in the 5 Stars Hotel.</p>
<p>The 10 golf courses are run by 30 golf instructors and have developed their own golf learning program. In addition to the world-famous trainer Bernd the resort has more than 1000 square meters of retail space and the largest golf drome in Germany.</p>
<p>The conviviality is expressed in the 3 manors that are located in the resorts. With more than 25 Conference rooms with daylight.</p>
<p>A USP of the group lies in the 3 healing springs that temper the mineral water from the three springs. These thermal water sources reach temperatures of up to 60 degrees.</p>
<p>The current employees, including the managing directors, will continue to be available to the company after the property has been acquired.</p>
<p>The yield from the rental income is given a rent of 500,000 to 700,000 &euro; per month. in the realm of realism and according to the information provided by the manager.</p>
<p>To view the books, a signed LOI is necessary and &nbsp;also a proof of Capital . The contact to The owner, the shareholder and decision maker, will be made up immediately.</p>
<p>We have in the Golfresort 3 Hotels&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 194 Keys , 137 Keys and 200 Keys and also 3 Estates with 25 Suits and 46 Suits and also 35 Keys in the third one.</p>
<p>The purchase price for the entire site is between &euro; 120,000,000. A share deal seems possible.</p>
<p><strong>We are ready to provide with more detailed financial data upon signature of soft LOI (without penalties for non-buying) showing the financial credibility and interest of the potential buyer.</strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>
<p>All are in the Golfresort.&nbsp; This house is a good running Hotel today. The owner 78 years old thats the reason for selling it.</p>