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709197 | Portugal Great opportunity to make 30 to 50 rooms

Portugal Great opportunity to make 30 to 50 rooms
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Availability: yes
Location: Portugal, Portugal

Portugal Great opportunity to make 30 to 50 rooms Hotel  with an area 7,000m2 as well as holding a convention centre / Spa / other infrastructure with sufficient capacity for the scale of the hotel.

Proposal to convert to a hotel whilst keeping the maximum extent of its identity. • Provision of options for the conversion / usage of Villa as an Hotel/Restaurant with the caveat of its use for private usage if required / opted by the client. • Provision of options to use it as an events / convention centre, in association with its anchor as an Hotel (or vice versa) • Initial concepts to maximize the land value of the plot allowing for part of the initial investment to be recovered via the sale of detached houses / other technical solutions. • Features to be explored and included on the project to work as an “anchor”, attracting clients and differentiating the product, providing as well basic income which would form part of the revenue to ensure the Villa could operate on a self-sustained way (with or without the usage as an Hotel / Events)

This new proposed access would serve multiple purposes: • Provision of an “grand” entrance to the property, with the Villa always visible on the right. • Protect the Villa in the future from the development on the area to the left, creating a green barrier. • Allow for a two way carriageway. • Safeguard future plot division and provision of the necessary infrastructure to the plots. Private and Confidential The opinions of the authors and all intellectual property are reserved and not to be shared with third parties.

Option 2 – Development of a “village” on and around the existing agricultural buildings (instead of creating individual plots) The creation of individual plots on the areas that are identified on the land register as potentially urban areas (in conflict with the current Municipal plan which shows the area as Agricultural) can be maximized with the creation of a villa, instead of individual plots on the traditional way:

With an area of approximately 7,000m2 it would be possible to create all the necessary ameniti30 to 50 rooms es to install between 30 to 50 rooms (which are conditioned by the perimetral line of the platform, so all rooms would have views and the final architectural solution to better integrate it on the surroundings) transforming the Hotel into an element with enough scale to be profitable, as well as holding a convention centre / Spa / other infrastructure with sufficient capacity for the scale of the hotel. To further maximise the capacity and to differentiate the offer, a proposal could be made to create mobile pods, placed in strategic locations around the plot, to create theme rooms on the different surroundings of the property as: • The river pods • The “beach” pods (creating a small beach on the shore of the river) • The forest pods • The swimming pool pods • The vineyard pods • Etc.


Rehabilitation of the “Swimming Pool” The rehabilitation of the swimming pool as a “natural running water” could be established if there is a water abstraction licence from the river. This would allow to have a swimming pool with minimal chemical treatment which would appeal to higher end costumers (e.g. as if it was a lake)

We are ready to provide with more detailed financial data upon signature of soft LOI (without penalties for non-buying) showing the financial credibility and interest of the potential buyer.

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