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708947 | Spain Top Investment 3 Hotels 4* with 18-hole golf

Spain Top Investment 3 Hotels 4* with 18-hole golf
Type: buy
Quantity: 3
Availability: yes
Location: GALICIA, Spain

Spain Top Investment 3 Hotels 4* with 18-hole golf course on 46 hectares with all the necessary facilities this is one Great Bargain with 195+ Keys with indoor and outdoor Swimming pools close to the border off Portugal in N- Spain .Swimming pool and wellness

Properties included in the transaction:

- Building nº 1: facilities of the current Hotel (Hotel Spa) and Golf with 62 double rooms and 3 suites.

Plot of land, 5031 m2

Complete Building area, 8.097’32 m2

Basement: Spa reception, Spa, Celtic Spa, Medical offices, shop, Hairdresser,

Play room, administration, Direction, Public Relations.

Groung Floor: Reception, Kitchen, Restaurant, private lounge and meeting rooms

Cafetería, rooms and reading room.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors and turrets: Rooms and communal services.


- Building nº 2: extension of the hotel facilities and the congress and convention centre. It has 77 double rooms and 4 suites. It can operate independently.

Plot of land, 6.397 m2

Complete Building area, 11.138 m2

Basement: Garage and other facilities

Ground Floor: Congress Centre, Reception, Concierge Service, Cafeteria and Kitchen.

1st Floor: Congress Centre and other Facilities

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Floors: Rooms and Communal Services.

6th Floor: Suite Mirador (Bay Window)

7th Floor: Communal Services and Bay Window.

8th Floor: Communal Services and Bay Window

- Building nº 3, Palacio del Agua: 48 double rooms. It can operate autonomously.

Plot of land, 5.574 m2

Complete Building area, 8.060 m2.

Basement: Communication Hall with the building Nr 1.

Gym, Machine Rooms and facilities.

Ground Floor: Main Hall with access outside, Reception, Concierge Service, Cafeteria,

Active Swimming pool, Saunas, Frigidarium and Dressing Room.

1st Floor: Staff access, Stores, Laundry and Facilities. In “Palacio del Agua” (Water

Palace): Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, Mini Pool, Resting Area and Parking.

2nd Floor: 16 Double Rooms. In the Water Palace: Solarium.

3rd and 4th Floors: 16 Double Rooms each.

5th Floor: Bay Window.

- Property 366 " Chan de Gándara"

- Property 755 "Warehouse"

- Property 758 "Detached House, Warehouse and Bunker"

* Property 759 "Bunker"

* Property 760 "Warehouse"

* Property 761 "Detached House"

* Special Property 1.195 Ground floor and Basement y of the Detached House.

- 18-hole golf course on 46 hectares with all the necessary facilities

- Fountain of building nº 3 (Property 1.198)

- Chapel (Property 1,198)

- Sabajanes Farm 12.073 where 3 springs rice.

- Swimming pool of the Gran Hotel with a water surface of 350 m2.

- Water rights

- Trademarks (8 Trademarks that are transferred with the ownership of the company)

- Spa: sole proprietorship subsidiary of the spa that carries out a double activity, It commercializes products of thermal cosmetics, hygiene and beauty and develops an activity spa franchiser, which already has 7 centres in operation. This company, by its synergy with the core business and prospects for future growth, is sold along with the principal's stock package.

Buildings 1, 2 and 3 are connected by an underground tunnel that provides the complex with the operability of a single building, the adaptability to various percentages of occupation and the functionality needed to cover various types of events at the same time.

Swimming pool and wellness

•Swimming pool

•Changing rooms

• Personal trainer

• Fitness classes

• Fitness

• Spa / wellness packages

• Foot bath

• Spa lounge / relaxation area

• Steam room

• Spa facilities

• Body wrap

• Body scrub

 • Body treatments

• Styling hair

•Dye your hair

•Cut hair

• Pedicure

• Manicure

• Make-up treatments

• Wax treatments

• Facial treatments

• Beauty treatments


• Outdoor pool (seasonal)

• Outdoor swimming pool

• Hamam

• Hot tub / Jacuzzi

• Massage

• Wellness center

• Solarium

• Fitness room

• Sauna

To move forward:


-       Buyer / Buyer Rep to sign asset specific NCND/MFA

-       Buyer to submit Non-binding LOI and POF to connect with seller.

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