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707853 | Great Development from 3 Beach Hotels (22.000,00 €

Great Development from 3 Beach Hotels (22.000,00 €
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Location: Perissa, Greece

Great Development from 3 Beach Hotels (22.000,00 € per room) guaranteed minimum revenue per room from INT Tour Operator in Perissa Bay in Santorini in Greece.


A  unique opportunity  for  real and serious investors  in Perissa Bay in Santorini

Perissa Santorini is a beautiful village that lies on an iddylic beach situated 15 km southeast of Fira (Capital and main port)  and  13 km from Santorini Airport. The beach features unique characteristics, black sand, crystalline waters and various beach facilities. However, the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea is the main attraction of the beach and the entire area. Visitors are left spellbound by the stunning view of the rock especially when it shines in the dark.

The erection of these three hotel units will be on three continuing plants of total 18.389,81 m2. Area , in which 4.500 m2.are allowed to be constructed as a ground floor and first floor and with  the basement  area (1.500s.m.)  in total 6.000 m2.  The hotels will have a total capacity of 86 rooms-suites and 200 beds in total, and all facilities are ending at Perissa Beach side.

The company owner  is able to secure four-year contract with internationally recognized TourOperator with guaranteed minimum revenue per room (22.000,00 € per room).

Existing Facilities as a Water Park:

A 133 m2 pool, Another 421 m2 pool., Basement pump room 32 m2., Underground tanks pool, public toilets, A 36 m2 restaurant, two shops, a total area of reception 189.65 m2 plus the basement

Investment Proposals

A. Loan of 12.000.000,00/14.000.000 € concerning the construction and equipment (furniture)of the three hotel units. Owners’ participation is the land (3 connected plots-some of them recently acquired), existing facilities that will remain for use in the new complex, as well as the cost of the licenses approximately 120.000,00 €, the planning - designing   fees and whatever else occurs to start construction. The repayment of the loan, will start after project completion.

B. Company sale at current stage, (three plots the water park equipment plus the study      of construction). The sale will be made by transfer of the shares therefore the transfer tax and bureaucracy are minimized.

C. Company's sale, when the permit will be issued for the construction projects of your own choice. This method is recommended if there is doubt that eventually the building permit is difficult to adopt.

D. Company sale, in a following stage after the issue of the license and manufacture. We take the responsibility to deliver the project finished.

As we are in direct contact with the Company Owners, we are ready and willing to put serious Investors-Buyers in further negotiations after a written request of intrest.

In Santorini we have two different options.

a) The AKROTIRI-THERA PROPERTY facing Caldera, with a unique view ali over the sunken crater of the volcano,with a negotiable price of 5 mil Euro ( They are waiting in offer in about 3,5 Mil Euro) . This project can be completed as a deluxe luxury boutique hotel or a VIP RESIDENCE  with total cost of 5-5,5 Mil Euro.

b) As it is mentioned  the second choice is a beach front plot at FAMOUS Perissa Beach  (PERISSA -SANTORINI).  The plot is 18,389 m2  where a boutique hotel complex or villas for rent or on sale can be built.

The Existing Facilities in this plot is  a Water Park consiting of: A 133 m2 pool, Another 421 m2 pool., Basement pump room 32 m2., Underground tanks pool, public toilets, A 36 m2 restaurant, two shops, a total area of reception 189.65 m2 plus the basement.

If there is an Interest in this project we are more than ready to provide you a presentation of the investment model to be followed. The owner is open to discuss investment cooperation proposal and sales proposals  as it is .

Even though he  can undertake  to complete the project, and the medium term or even long-term lease of tourist accommodation in a leading international tour operator.

Plus Commision Not includid.

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