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709667 | Portugal/Porto 5* TOP Hotel 120+Rooms , Marble flo

Portugal/Porto 5* TOP Hotel 120+Rooms , Marble flo
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Availability: yes
Location: Porto, Portugal

Portugal/Porto 5* TOP Hotel 120+Rooms , Marble flooring white compact with bars from brass to cleaver, BAR AND FOYER ACCESS TO THE THEATER/CONFERENCES ON FLOOR.

1- Marble flooring white compact with bars from brass to cleaver.
2- False ceilings in plasterboard painted in white in the area .
3- Loose pillars coated with white lacquered aluminum.
4- Reception counters and Concierge, wood paneled wenge.
5- Lighting line longitudinal to space axis rectangular, and lamp table on the counters and tables of support for sitting.


1- White marble flooring compact with brass rods a cleaver.
2- Tardoz of the ruin, barred and painted in white.
3- Stairs with treadmill carpet in red color.
4- Foyer guards on the 1st floor, in transparent glass.
5- Bar counter coated in wenge wood, with top in white marble.


1- White marble flooring compact with frame Negrais yellow marble.
2- Ceiling in acoustic wood with built-in lighting.
3- Wall over the bench seat mirror covered.
4- Remaining walls coated with stucco to paint white and buffet area in wenge.
5- islands of 4 places each, for sit forming curved cushions, back to back, lined with synthetic skin

1- Carpeted flooring in red color.
2- Wooden coffered ceiling acoustic with lighting and HVAC incorporated.
3- Plastered walls with fillets of aluminum incorporated according to drawings and appliqués of lighting.
4- Double voile curtains transparent and blackout for obscuration.
5- Velvet sliding curtain red in the mouth of the stage.
6- Projectors on supports technicians in the stage ceiling area.


1- Ceramic flooring in color brunette.
2- Ceramic walls with texture, in the cream color on the side of the tank and stuccoed and painted on the side of the prohibited.
3- Interior of the tank in tablet on the water green color.
4- Waterproof plasterboard ceiling lining the ducts ventilation, and suspended armatures for ambient lighting.
5- Window for viewing the small garden lobby outside.

1- Carpeted flooring Axminster quality with design.
2- Stucco walls and ceiling to paint the enamel paint medium shine.
3- Headboard upholstered in synthetic leather up to 2.2 m high.
4- Sides of the bed, with mirror up to 2.20m over the bedside tables.
5- Unit with drawers and storage area wenge woodwork, with gold color appliqués and tops in white onyx.
6- Double curtains, with voile and velvet in honey color.
7- chair and armchairs with low coffee table 8- Table and floor lamps, with lamp.

1- Floor in light gray carpet.
2-Stucco floors and walls to paint the middle enamel paint shine.
3- Applications of aluminum fillets in the stucco forming frames in the side of the head of the bed.
4- Furniture and bedside tables white lacquered, with tops white marble facing.
5- Suspended lamps with minimalist design on the tables bedside.
6- Leather armchair medium gray synthetic, and floor lamp with abatjour white.

Direct buyers or representatives only.

Due to utmost privacy, DD and detailed information would be provided only to qualified buyers who sign NDA and can POF to make sure we keep our properties exclusive to potential buyers.

We can provide only limited information.


Required To Make An Offer & For Financials:
1. Signed NDA
2. Letter Of Intent
3. POF


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